Our Client Buyers

We exclusively represent highly capable investors who retain us and with whom we develop long-term relationships.

The CorDeve Group represents investment groups and corporations whose investment objectives encompass full acquisition to investment as value-added partners with existing owners. Some clients seek candidates to become stand-alone companies and others are looking for synergistic add-ons to existing businesses.

We engage a limited number of clients whose acquisition criteria fit our focus, whose goals have minimal overlap with each other, and who are willing to retain us and work closely with us over time. Our clients specialize in varying industries, industry sub-sectors, geographic ranges, growth parameters, and transaction sizes.

We devote the time and effort to get to know each client’s history, goals, interests, investment criteria, portfolio, strengths and acquisition procedures.

Our deep knowledge of our clients and our ability to effectively assess the goals of receptive sellers give us the means to determine whether a seller prospect is a feasible match for a particular client.