Our Process
We have a time-tested and effective sourcing process that tailors each search to best fit a client’s objectives.
  • Research and source qualified acquisition candidates

    We research and identify prospective sellers that meet a client’s criteria through personal business relationships, a continually updated, proprietary data base, purchased services, and individual and industry prospects provided to us by our clients.
  • Personally contact identified candidates to determine receptivity and qualification

    We then individually and personally contact prospective sellers to determine whether the owners might be receptive to a transaction. Once we’ve determined that an owner is receptive, we engage them in further conversations to learn their goals with respect to selling and their company’s situation with respect to our client’s investment goals, and to communicate our client’s history, strengths and objectives. Our client engagement agreement allows us to disclose a client’s identity up front. Our goal in this stage is to identify a motivated seller who is a good fit for our client’s investment goals, which increases the likelihood of a transaction.
  • Establish and maintain confidentiality with respect to the prospective seller

    We handle communications with acquisition candidates in a quiet, confidential manner. We will not disclose a candidate’s response, identity or other information without their permission or a Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement. We respect the company’s need to maintain undisturbed employee, customer, vendor, lender and other community and industry relationships.
  • Obtain qualification documentation

    To further hone the feasibility of a transaction, we will seek documentation such as summary financial statements, market position, competitive advantage, customer concentration, growth potential, management team strength and the details of owner selling objectives.
  • Introduce the qualified candidate to our client

    Upon qualification, we will arrange an exclusive telephone introduction of the candidate to our client. Should both parties then agree to proceed, we will arrange subsequent communications and ultimately a face-to-face meeting between appropriate representatives from each party.
  • Facilitate transaction communications as needed

    After a successful initial meeting, we remain available to support communications and the execution of a transaction throughout the acquisitions process.